Our products are used in a wide variety of applications globally and are subject to international chemical control and use-specific requirements.

To help our customers understand the requirements associated with our products, we have developed a wide range of certifications, information statements and guidance documents which are available in our Resource Library. This includes our comprehensive Safety Data Sheets (SDS), our European Union Regulation Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (EU REACH) Only Representative communication package, and product stewardship summaries for our key products developed as part of our membership in the American Chemical Council's Responsible Care® program. Through our participation in the International Carbon Black Association (ICBA), we've published a comprehensive carbon black user guide and an information sheet on dust management.

We encourage you to visit our library to learn more about handling and working with our products in a safe manner.

Progresso com nossos clientes

Nós trabalhamos constantemente com nossos clientes no desenvolvimento de soluções inovadores que os ajudem a progredir com seus produtos. Em muitos casos, isso nos permite trabalhar com os clientes com ambições próprias relativas à sustentabilidade, desenvolvendo produtos com eficiência superior, mais durabilidade ou para aplicações inovadoras, como as de energia renovável.