Collaboration & Outreach

Our success in delivering innovative products to our customers is the result of our global network of collaborators.

In addition to our own teams working in our technology centers around the globe, we are constantly in contact with individuals and institutions beyond our organization. We maintain diverse engagements with colleges, universities, start-up companies, industry peers and government entities around the world, and are always looking for ways we can open our labs to the greater scientific and commercial community.

Our outreach takes many forms as we continue to develop an active community of collaboration within our industry. Inside Cabot, our collegial atmosphere inspires a strong culture of collaboration across our global employee population, including teams within marketing, sales and manufacturing—as well as research and development.

O Fórum de pesquisa de materiais para estudantes é uma excelente maneira de os cientistas e engenheiros do futuro apresentarem suas pesquisas em nosso centro de negócios e tecnologia em Billerica, Massachusetts, EUA.

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