Rubber Liner/Slurry Pump

E2C™ solutions offer manufacturers of mining rubber liners for slurry pumps, hydrocyclones and rubber pipes with breakthrough improvements in erosion and wet abrasion resistance, as well as mechanical strength.

Engineered Elastomer Composites for Slurry Pumps

Rubber liners are widely used in mining applications like slurry pumps to protect from wear caused by abrasive ores and tailings and are critical for maximizing operational uptime.

E2C™ solutions can extend the life of slurry pump liners by more than 50% or more, and in some cases, have been shown to extend slurry pump life by up to two times, reducing the total cost of ownership for mine operators while increasing throughput.

Durability Series: Products designed to reduce in-field failures and maximize operational uptime.

  • E2C™ DZ8650 offers improvements in erosion resistance and mechanical strength versus conventional reinforcing materials.

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